Montoir Watches is a place where timeless elegance and unwavering precision meet. Every watch we make reflects our dedication to quality. We use only the highest quality components in the construction of our watches, and we equip them with sturdy, precise movements. No matter whether you're an intrepid explorer or a discerning connoisseur, our timepieces and brand are a perfect fit.

Our Inspiration

Montoir Watches draws significant inspiration from vintage diving and field watches. We think it's important that these timepieces, with their timeless designs, remain in the public consciousness forever. In fact, we've taken it upon ourselves to research and examine the historical success of several watch companies, not only for practical purposes but also to improve the watches' aesthetics. 

We took what we learned from these historical timepieces and applied it in a contemporary way. Our Montoir Skin-Diver watch exemplifies this principle well by fusing contemporary and retro design elements. 

What sets us unique from other watch manufacturers is our commitment to both the history of mechanical watches and the advancements in technology that have made possible contemporary watches. We consider a watch to be much more than a simple tool for telling time; it is also an expression of personal taste, an indicator of professionalism, and a sign of trustworthiness. 

This love of timepieces and the tales they hold inspires us to design timepieces that can keep up with your busy schedule without sacrificing flair or luxury. We consider every Montoir watch to be more than simply a functional clock; each one is a unique work of art and a symbol of our dedication to quality. 

Company History

A group of people who share a love of fine timepieces came together to form Montoir Watches. We set out to design timepieces that would hold up to an active lifestyle without sacrificing their good looks. In the beginning, we were only a small group of people who worked diligently to design a watch that could survive the elements. Montoir Watches is now a well recognized name in the market.

Mission and Vision

Our goal is to make timepieces that can handle your hectic schedule. We take great pleasure in the quality of our workmanship and in the service we provide to our clients before, during, and after their purchase of one of our timepieces. Our ultimate goal is to have our name synonymous with superior craftsmanship all across the world. 

At Montoir Watches, we take pride in having a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff committed to providing our clients with an exceptional buying experience. Our designers are responsible for our unique and timeless timepiece designs that are influenced by vintage diving and field watches, updated with modern features for a practical yet stylish look. 

If you have any questions or concerns, our customer care professionals are always ready to help. We are committed to making it easy for clients to purchase a Montoir watch and to answer any questions they may have. 

Our expert watchmakers are passionate about their craft and are dedicated to assembling and testing each timepiece to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and longevity. 

At Montoir Watches, we are more than just a staff; we are a family. Our goal is to provide clients with a timepiece that will last a lifetime and become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

Product Overview

Our timepieces are known for their quality and precision. Every timepiece leaves our facilities only after passing stringent quality and functionality tests. Our timepieces are stylish and expensive, yet their sturdy construction means they can resist harsh situations. Every one of our watches, from the traditional to the contemporary vintage Montoir Skin-Diver, is crafted with the finest care and accuracy.

Customer Testimonials

Customers' opinions and stories are important to us here at Montoir Watches. Some examples of glowing reviews from happy clients are below. 

I've been a watch collector for quite some time, and the Montoir Skin-Diver is among my most prized possessions. It retains its timeless good looks while being very sturdy. I use it everywhere with me, and it still looks brand new. - Mark T. 

I wanted a watch that would serve my needs and complement my style, and Montoir delivered. The design and workmanship of this timepiece are impeccable, and their attention to detail is apparent in every facet. I can't believe how many praises I receive on it! By Sarah L. 

The service I received at Montoir was outstanding. They went above and above to assist me in finding the right watch for my needs. And they were fast to fix the problem I was having with my watch so I could go back to wearing it. - Tom K. 

I purchased my hubby a Montoir watch since I love mine so much. We both wear it constantly because of its superior quality. We couldn't be more pleased with our purchase. I'm Emily B. 

Thanks to our loyal clientele, we are able to continue developing high-quality timepieces that will last the test of time.